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Capcom veröffentlichte nun weiteres Bildmaterial zu Dead Rising, welches exklusiv für die Xbox 360 in Entwicklung ist. Das frische Material stellt Isabela und Jessie vor. Wer nähere Infos zu den beiden Charakteren will, findet sie am Newsende - wir gehen wegen möglichen Spoilern nicht weiter darauf ein. Dead Rising spielt in Willamette (Colorado, USA), einem kleinen, verschlafenen Nest mit rund 53'000 Einwohnern, in dem nie etwas außergewöhnliches passierte.

Das scheint sich nun zu ändern; die Army ließ die Straßen rund um die Stadt abriegeln - die Bürger von Willamette werden von Untoten angegriffen. Ihr übernehmt die Rolle von Frank, einem Kriegs-erprobten Berichterstatter, welcher einen Hinweis auf das seltsame Treiben in Willamette erhalten hat. 72 Stunden hat er Zeit, hinter das Geheimnis um die Zombie-Invasion zu kommen, dann wird ein Hubschrauber ihn in Sicherheit bringen. Sammelt ihr genügend Informationen für die Story eures Lebens?

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Mit durchschnittlich 7.3 Leserhype-Punkten bei 15 Stimmen rangiert Dead Rising derzeit auf Rang 13 in euren Xbox 360 Most Wanted. Lest auf der Leserhype-Seite nach, was andere Leser zum Spiel zu sagen haben oder gebt gleich selbst eure Meinung ab!
Offizielle Pressemitteilung:
Willamette, Colorado, USA. Population 53,000.
A small, quiet town where nothing ever happens and the only thing the citizens are proud of are their mall.
But something very strange and frightening was going on – the Army was setting up a blockade around the town, buildings were being set on fire and then the riot began. People were being attacked everywhere, but their attackers were silent and looked like the undead.

72 hours
Frank West a journalist who has experienced countless dangers during his time as a war correspondent has received a tip-off that something strange is happening in the sleepy town on Willamette and manages to get there just before the Army sets up a blockade.
He has 3 days until a helicopter will return to rescue him in which to try and find out who or what is responsible for the zombie infestation. Will he find out the truth and more importantly will he survive to publish the scoop of a lifetime?

Introducing two new characters – Isabela and Jessie
Rescued by Frank at the Mall’s supermarket, Isabela refuses to join him, believing he is part of the group responsible for the zombie infestation and before running off shouts – “You people brought on this hell! Santa Cabeza was not like this!”

Realising she may hold some information Frank follows her and soon sees that Isabela is well skilled in firearms and is able to look after herself as she makes her way through the mall, but who or what is she looking for?

Then, all of a sudden a voice comes over the public address system “Isabela, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get you involved…I love you…”

Frank meets Jessie in the control room for the mall’s air conditioning system and she is immediately intrigued by his camera and asks if she can look at the photographs he has taken. When Jessie reaches the photograph of an old man she pauses and Frank realises that she must recognise him. However when he asks her about him, Jessie pretends not to know the old man and will only give Frank her name.

Frank is also suspicious of the fact that Jessie is carrying a laptop and a communicator, hardly things that one takes when going shopping. In addition, she keeps calling Frank a civilian. Is Jessie in the military or a government agency, and if so what is their involvement with the incident at the mall?

Jessie’s attention is suddenly grabbed by one of the monitors where she sees a young man with a gun dragging the old man from Frank’s photograph across the screen.  

Behaviour of zombies at night

In Dead Rising the clock is constantly ticking as the countdown to the arrival of Frank’s rescue helicopter draws ever closer. And as time moves on so day turns to night and the behaviour of the zombies changes.
In the darkness they become much more active and ferocious so Frank will have to be even more careful as he negotiates the mall. Maybe it would be easier just to find a safe place and stay still until the morning?

Is it worth rescuing the survivors?
Over the course of his 72 hours in the mall Frank will come across many people who are trying to survive either by fighting back against the zombies or simply hiding, hoping they will not be found.  Some may have information relevant to the incident or some may need to be sacrificed so you can escape.  It is up to the player to decide whether to rescue these people or focus on their own survival.
This is the moral dilemma that Frank faces throughout Dead Rising.

Thomas Theiler 

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