Halo Fest: Infos zu Multiplayer-Maps von Halo: Anniversary

News vom 26-08-11
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Microsoft hat auf dem zur Zeit stattfindenden Halo Fest einige erste Informationen zu den Mehrspielerkarten von Halo: Kampf um die Zukunft - Anniversary bekannt gegeben. Die Karten sind alle auf der Halo-Veranstaltung spielbar und stellen, bis auf die aus der Halo-Kampagne entlehnte Feuergefecht-Karte Installation 04, Neuauflagen alter Karten dar.

Die Karten werden zusätzlich auch als DLC für Halo: Reach angeboten und können bei einem Kauf von Halo: Kampf um die Zukunft - Anniversary kostenfrei in Halo: Reach integriert werden. Das Spiel erscheint am 15. November 2011 exklusiv für die Xbox 360 und unterstützt stereoskopisches 3D.

Offizielle Pressemitteilung:
  • TIMBERLAND – Timberland is “Halo: Anniversary’s” beautifully re-imagined multiplayer map from “Halo PC,” set in the classically alpine environment so familiar to “Halo.” Once serving as a watch point for the immense relay complex below, the monitoring outposts nestled atop this ridge became a staging ground for human forces during their time on Installation 04. Toward the end of the conflict, a Covenant assault brought the marines here to a tragic end. Timberland is a tree-covered valley, sporting undulating hills, surging rivers, and a terrain perfect for large-scale vehicle mayhem. (8 - 16 players)
  • PRISONER – The return of “Halo: Combat Evolved’s” Prisoner delivers a claustrophobic and frenetic multiplayer experience now elaborately recreated for “Halo: Anniversary.” These spinning confinement platforms are a testament to the technological prowess of the Forerunners. In the event of a security breach, the facility’s suborbital location and frigid temperature were thought to be able to keep any threat at bay, but it appears those plans were… optimistic. Prisoner is a multi-level facility, with tightly-woven corridors and many bridges and ramps, perfect for the chaos of close-range combat. (2 - 8 players)
  • INSTALLATION 04 – Installation 04 brings fans back to one of the most iconic environments in “Halo’s” history, the base of an enormous Forerunner spire from “Halo: Combat Evolved’s” campaign mission “Halo,” now stunningly returning in “Halo: Anniversary’s” Firefight mode. Set on one of the many cliff sides of Alpha Halo, this beacon served as a rendezvous point for survivors of the Covenant attack on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. These survivors, including the legendary Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, were forced to stave off numerous Covenant attacks until rescue finally came. Installation 04 is a familiar precipice studded with ancient Forerunner structures which make a perfect defensive position against an invading alien enemy and marks the first Firefight experience to include ally AI players who will defend the installation alongside you. (1 - 4 players)
  • DAMNATION – A fan favourite multiplayer battleground from “Halo: Combat Evolved,” Damnation is impressively brought back to life with amazing detail. As the primary satellite of the Unggoy home world, Buwan provides the perfect environment for this massive Covenant hydro-facility used to power and refuel a variety of capital ships. Though still operational via automated subsystems, the station was abandoned shortly after the breaking of the Covenant. Damnation is an asymmetrical, multi-tiered complex, replete with long lines of sight and tightly-crafted choke points. (2 - 8 players)
  • BEAVER CREEK – The classic “Halo 2” multiplayer map Beaver Creek returns, tracing its roots back all the way to “Halo: Combat Evolved’s” legendary Battle Creek. The rocky warrens of this part of Halo provide the ideal environment for an array of impressive telemetry clusters. These spires’ synchronisation conduits ensure that the ring’s translocation grid is always fully operational. Beaver Creek’s symmetrical bases in a small, creek-fed canyon are excellent for both free-for-all and team-based game types. (2 - 8 players)

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